Business Insider guys have put up a good video on this by placing these spy cams in their office. See the reaction of the co-workers when they found out they are captured unnoticed.

#1- Wifi Hidden Clock Spy Camera 

This camera is completely hidden from plain sight as it is built inside a clock which you can place anywhere you may please. It comes with an instruction manual and there is no difficulty installing it or using it. It offers good wide angle so there is no need to install other cameras as it gives good coverage, just this one is enough. It plays video on loop which is quite essential.

Wifi Hidden Clock Spy Camera 

It has got good battery life

The battery life is about 6 to 8 hours and the device records up to 60 minutes. The recording is of course not as good as a camera but certainly good enough. The video is in HD. As it livestreams the video you can interrupt any action that gets recorded at your discretion.  It not just looks like a clock but also works like one to.

The spy camera is hidden inside the clock, you do not even get to see the lens. It does give time and also can be set as 12 or 24 hour according to preference. As it supports motion detection, you can stay connected through an App and get realtime data.

The video does not freeze and it offers recording, playback. The playback is of superior quality which helps you take necessary action against the perpetrator. This nanny camera is great for all anxious parents as one of the best spy camera to keep the baby safe.

Price: $39.99

#2 – YSD Spy Camera Smart Charger 

Maybe at home, suddenly very insignificant things get missing. Then something more valuable like someone’s phone gets stolen. Well you know it is then time to get a spy camera to guard against your nanny.

This smart charger is ideal for such office or public setting. The smart charger is something very common. Everyone needs one. So it will definitely be not suspected and your thief will also get caught. This device not just has video recording but it also records audio. It also offers loop recording.

And the best thing about it is the fact that it actually charges your smartphone. It has got 32GB internal storage. You can adjust the video resolution according to your need. If you want to record longer duration, it is best to lower the video quality. The motion detection is great. The audio is very impressive as it is crisp and discernible. The video quality when set at highest is simply superb but lower resolution also works fine in good lighting, though few pixels might creep in.

Though it charges your mobile, do remember that it is not its primary function. Via the USB cable just like thumb drive you can access the video files. Only downside is you can watch the videos only after they get recorded, it is not wifi supported so you can not livestream the video.

Setting it up is quite self-explanatory though the instruction manual comes with instructions in English and also with explanatory pictures. But remember it is not a night-vision camera and requires good lighting. A very good spy camera for anybody who might require one. Highly recommended.

Price: $22.99

#3 – Crazepony Mini Hidden Spy Camera 

The compactness of the camera strikes as the first thing. It comes in the form of a dice. You can use it as an ornate object in your living room or put it just about anywhere. The size though is small, the camera is quite powerful. The most impressive thing is the no-hole finish that makes it a completely unassuming surveillance device.

The motion detection is superb and if you plan to use it on drones then it works amazingly as it successfully catches motion even while in motion. It has an automatic save feature that does not require you to confirm saving every time after recording. It offers significantly wide angle.

Crazepony Mini Hidden Spy Camera 

Now coming on to the best part it offers night vision as well. Equipped with inbuilt 4IR LED lights it supports night vision perfectly even when there is no infrared light visible. It works well in not just low or dim light but also in darkness. Another great feature is the convenience of use it comes with. You really do not have to be much into tech to use this surveillance camera.

A single button does all the wonders. It is very light weight and quite the high functioning camera. This camera is super cheap and super easy to use, a great starter for a surveillance journey. The instructions are easy to follow and are in English. The camera does not record when it is being charged.

If it runs on low battery, be rest assured as it automatically saves recorded video before shutting down. It also comes with a reset button. This little spy camera is very cheap in comparison to other surveillance cameras, yet it performs monitoring perfectly well. Installing CCTV for many might be huge cost incurring matter, a couple of spy cam dices like these can give you the optimum security you deserve at an affordable price.

Price: $19.99

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