Fake Apple Watch Series 7

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Best Wireless Earbuds Aliexpress

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alternatives to apple pencil

List of Apple Pencil Alternatives on Amazon

Looking for cheap alternatives to Apple pencils? We have curated a good list below. Check out this article for more options to alternative of apple pencils.

1. Targus Smooth Glide Stylus Pen

This pen actually works like a normal pen too! As the name suggests it is very smooth and glides effortlessly on the touch screen. The rubber tip is specifically designed to protect your glass surface from any corrosion while you write, sketch or play on your device. This stylus is very affordable and compatible with ios and android devices. It looks very stylish and is well designed. Price: $8.99

2. Amazon Basic Executive Stylus

A popular choice among many stylus users. It is popular not just because it is extremely cheap but also because it functions very well. It is highly functional in getting precise result which your fingertip can not deliver. It can be used to take notes or even sketch but the end result might not be precise. But what it does is that it fulfils all basic requirements. Price: $7.95

3. Ciscle Disc Stylus

Though it does not offer pressure sensitive tip, but it certainly is a class apart when it comes to precision. It is the best that you get at this price range. The design is well-suited for multi-purpose use. It has a firm and superior grip. The design is enhanced by an anodized aluminium. They also give you two replacement tip, again a good bargain at this price. So you need not worry of breaking a tip by accident as you already have two other tips at hand. It offers good compatibility with various touchscreen devices. Price: $9.99

4. CADA Drawing Stylus

As the name suggests, this is a great stylus to meet all your basic drawing needs. All thanks to the precision disc tip that it uses which gives the user superior control. It works great for scribbles or taking handy notes, it lacks the ability to deliver very fine details. But if you are a master at using stylus, you will be able to maneuver more with this stylus in hand. Just be reminded it does not have a pressure tip. Price: $11.99

5. MEKO Universal Disc Stylus

This stylus offers two tips to suit your different needs. At such an affordable price, you almost get two stylus at the price of one. The fibre tip lets you have a smooth finish to your writing requirements while the precision tip brings in accuracy. The stylus has a sophisticated look to it and comes with superior grip through rubber encasing. It might appear bulky for some, but its looks make a style statement in its own right. You also get six replaceable tips which is much more than any other stylus replacement offer. Price: $16.99

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uk washing machine review

Best UK Washing Machine Review

Are you looking for the fine washing computing gadget? On this text we will destroy down the top washing machines to be had while comparing them for price versus efficiency. Before we get started with this review detailing the great washing machines in the marketplace, we’ve included hyperlinks inside the description for each and every product recounted, so be precise you investigate these out to see which one is in your finances range. We would like to cite our sources are from Discount-Age here.

This entrance loader computer has plenty of adjustable settings, a 5.2 cu. Toes. Ability, a keep-present day characteristic for lengthy days, and its power and water amazing. We all know this is not the most important potential washing laptop. It is moreover no longer probably the most fee amazing. It would not have forty-nine preset cycles, nor does it robotically adjust water temperatures. Its additionally no longer the swiftest computing gadget in the marketplace. So, why is it number one? What makes it the first-class washing laptop overall? It makes compromises in all the proper areas.

It may probably manipulate an extraordinarily beneficiant range of laundry with an capability of 5.2 cu. Toes. You’ll to search out this across the $1,000 fee element. The wash cycles it does have are super customizable and the kids to wear cycle is a boon for lots of households. And, so long as you do not overpack this computer, that you would be ready to anticipate many hundreds of thousands to conclude in 40-60 minutes. The noise and vibration discount aspects also make for quiet, gentle operation. That you might easily run the bathing computer and enjoy dinner even when the laundry room is next to the kitchen desk. And, it’ll get better nevertheless. Vigor and water effectivity, together with washing efficiency, are first-class. You can get the end result you wish to have with out unsafe your garments, your money, or the environment. You’ve gotten obtained the alternative of 5 soil stages and extra vigor and time saver choices, easily as you may also assume. Parents will admire the NSF-licensed sanitize cycle that removes as much as ninety 9.9%. Add to that the StreamTreat which lifts stains quickly and conveniently. Who wants bleach? You is not going to with this laptop. There may be also a ColorLast choice and a preserve state-of-the-art function as a way to jumble your clothes round every so in most cases when you’ve no longer had a moment to empty the showering computing gadget.

K, the average load time is set seventy-five minutes, and the door opens to 1 section, and that is all you get. But, most men and women can fully work around that. What would present you some grief, nevertheless, is the dimensions. At 29W x 33.875D x forty.8H, it is relatively wider than the traditional basic of 27. But, once more, that you may stack this together with your dryer if in case you have a small laundry nook. At quantity 2 we now have bought the LG WM9000HVA TurboWash entrance Load Washer. This entrance loader has a 5.2 cu. Toes. Potential, clever aspects (by way of ThinQ), an ergonomically-designed door, and is suitable with the LG SideKick. Before we delve into the moderately enjoyable accessories of this washing computing device overview, we’d prefer to duvet the fundamentals of measurement, velocity, and capacity to do its job excellent.

We believe you can be pleasantly amazed. To begin with, the 5.2 cu. Toes. Of field is helpful and plenty of purchasers are not able to justify a long way more. It operates at 1300 rpm and while we’d have anticipated its vigor effortlessly to drop a little bit more than 120 annual kilowatt hours, that’s quite no longer unhealthy. Water effectivity is also great. You get 14 preset cycles (along side bedding and Allergine) and one more thirteen choices. Its intricate to observe a residential washing pc that may do more. Nonetheless, it’s soft on clothes and buyers love the best way where it cleans silently. In terms of dimension, its greater than the historic, normal of 27 which isn’t a issue for every individual, nevertheless it will not in shape every laundry nook.

And, although it can be stackable, that is customarily no longer a possibility with the SideKick. Furthermore, that is some of the things we relatively like about this (and all LG front loaders). This add-on mini-washing laptop allows so that you can scrub small lots or wash two completely separate lots immediately. Now, that is a large time saver. Of path, you will pay for the add-on, however you’ll be able to want one whilst you respect what it is going to well do. And, the way it works. Plus, there’s additionally the smart ThinQ programming that allows you to govern your washing computer via your cellular cellphone. Choices incorporate: far flung , intelligent grid, download cycle, intelligent evaluation, cycle set, laundry starts offevolved, shrewd message, and vigor display.

Virtually, this washing computing device does the whole thing good, however its not low price. At number 3 we have now the Maytag Maxima MHW5500FW. This computing device is tremendous vigor efficient, handy on the wallet, will get the job accomplished, and suits within the average 27 area by and large allocated to washing machines. This washing computer is the rationale, this record is so small. It suits into four classes exceptional funds computing device (on list rate and useful selling cost; we’ve obvious it $seven-hundred in the up to the moment prior), fine compact washing computer, most amazing power washing pc, and great washing computer for enormously soiled kids (or, for combating stains). Except November 2016, we would have had an elaborate time (and a rather longer record) as the Samsung WA45H7000AW Washing computing gadget competes on fee and dimension, however that exact model is part of a recollect as a result of lids flying off while in use. That is to not say specific washing machines don’t seem to be just proper; its extra that this Maytag is the great in all three categories.

cheap spy cam

Cheap Spy Cameras for Home Use

Business Insider guys have put up a good video on this by placing these spy cams in their office. See the reaction of the co-workers when they found out they are captured unnoticed.

#1- Wifi Hidden Clock Spy Camera 

This camera is completely hidden from plain sight as it is built inside a clock which you can place anywhere you may please. It comes with an instruction manual and there is no difficulty installing it or using it. It offers good wide angle so there is no need to install other cameras as it gives good coverage, just this one is enough. It plays video on loop which is quite essential.

Wifi Hidden Clock Spy Camera 

It has got good battery life

The battery life is about 6 to 8 hours and the device records up to 60 minutes. The recording is of course not as good as a camera but certainly good enough. The video is in HD. As it livestreams the video you can interrupt any action that gets recorded at your discretion.  It not just looks like a clock but also works like one to.

The spy camera is hidden inside the clock, you do not even get to see the lens. It does give time and also can be set as 12 or 24 hour according to preference. As it supports motion detection, you can stay connected through an App and get realtime data.

The video does not freeze and it offers recording, playback. The playback is of superior quality which helps you take necessary action against the perpetrator. This nanny camera is great for all anxious parents as one of the best spy camera to keep the baby safe.

Price: $39.99

#2 – YSD Spy Camera Smart Charger 

Maybe at home, suddenly very insignificant things get missing. Then something more valuable like someone’s phone gets stolen. Well you know it is then time to get a spy camera to guard against your nanny.

This smart charger is ideal for such office or public setting. The smart charger is something very common. Everyone needs one. So it will definitely be not suspected and your thief will also get caught. This device not just has video recording but it also records audio. It also offers loop recording.

And the best thing about it is the fact that it actually charges your smartphone. It has got 32GB internal storage. You can adjust the video resolution according to your need. If you want to record longer duration, it is best to lower the video quality. The motion detection is great. The audio is very impressive as it is crisp and discernible. The video quality when set at highest is simply superb but lower resolution also works fine in good lighting, though few pixels might creep in.

Though it charges your mobile, do remember that it is not its primary function. Via the USB cable just like thumb drive you can access the video files. Only downside is you can watch the videos only after they get recorded, it is not wifi supported so you can not livestream the video.

Setting it up is quite self-explanatory though the instruction manual comes with instructions in English and also with explanatory pictures. But remember it is not a night-vision camera and requires good lighting. A very good spy camera for anybody who might require one. Highly recommended.

Price: $22.99

#3 – Crazepony Mini Hidden Spy Camera 

The compactness of the camera strikes as the first thing. It comes in the form of a dice. You can use it as an ornate object in your living room or put it just about anywhere. The size though is small, the camera is quite powerful. The most impressive thing is the no-hole finish that makes it a completely unassuming surveillance device.

The motion detection is superb and if you plan to use it on drones then it works amazingly as it successfully catches motion even while in motion. It has an automatic save feature that does not require you to confirm saving every time after recording. It offers significantly wide angle.

Crazepony Mini Hidden Spy Camera 

Now coming on to the best part it offers night vision as well. Equipped with inbuilt 4IR LED lights it supports night vision perfectly even when there is no infrared light visible. It works well in not just low or dim light but also in darkness. Another great feature is the convenience of use it comes with. You really do not have to be much into tech to use this surveillance camera.

A single button does all the wonders. It is very light weight and quite the high functioning camera. This camera is super cheap and super easy to use, a great starter for a surveillance journey. The instructions are easy to follow and are in English. The camera does not record when it is being charged.

If it runs on low battery, be rest assured as it automatically saves recorded video before shutting down. It also comes with a reset button. This little spy camera is very cheap in comparison to other surveillance cameras, yet it performs monitoring perfectly well. Installing CCTV for many might be huge cost incurring matter, a couple of spy cam dices like these can give you the optimum security you deserve at an affordable price.

Price: $19.99

For more reviews you can check Tollotoshop review on Best Spy Cams on Aliexpress.

ergonomic keyboards review

Best Ergonomic Keyboards

If you are looking for an ergonomic keyboard, then chances are that you have maybe in the past had injuries or strain related to typing or maybe anticipating something of that sort. An ergonomic keyboard allows your fingers to be at ease while working on the keyboard. People who specially work long hours on keyboard or have longer or shorter than usual fingers, should consider getting an ergonomic keyboard to avoid muscle strain.  If you are a Mac users, even though you may have what is called the magic keyboard, you still won’t be having an ergonomic keyboard.

You can check on Bestaliproducts for Budget Mechanical Keyboards

For Mac users, now there are several ergonomic keyboards that are available in the market.

Here is the list of the best and the most affordable.

1. Kimsnot 2.4G Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – This wonderful keyboard comes with a mouse and all for a pretty amazing price. It supports multimedia functioning. Some of its key features include the ergonomic design which facilitates typing without any discomfort. The slim, wireless keyboard functions well with your Mac. Setting up with your Mac is extremely easy. It is also available in a range of color options. It has got scissor keys, even multi-media hot keys are provided. The low-profile keyboard makes as little noise as possible. There is a nano receiver which saves up your USB port.

2. RV77 Ultra-slim Wireless Keyboard – This is the perfect keyboard for Mac users looking for an ergonomic design. This highly functional keyboard also comes for an unbelievable price. It is also waterproof. This beautifully designed keyboard is very thin and lightweight, which makes it highly portable as well. The finishing is very attractive. It is very easy to establish a connection with this keyboard and your Mac. The spaced keys in the keyboard does not let your fingers get tired out easily.

3. Landas Universal Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard – A very good looking keyboard that comes for a great bargain price. What adds to the appeal of the keyboard is its ergonomic design. The keys in the keyboard are set keeping the comfort of your fingers in mind. It is a fully standard keyboard that comes with 102 keys. The metallic finishing makes the keyboard look very elegant. It comes in three color option. It supports Bluetooth wireless connection. It has a dedicated key for Apple functions. The keys also does not make a lot of sound and thus gives peace of mind while typing.

4. VBESTLIFE Keyboard 3.0 Mode Bluetooth / Wired Dual Mode – This is wired keyboard option for anyone who might be looking for an ergonomic design for Mac. This keyboard is very reasonably priced. The design of the keyboard is extremely efficient. It not just prevents muscle strain for your fingers but also helps to speed up typing. when in the wired mode, you need not worry about running out of battery. It is a standard keyboard. It comes with all the 104 keys as in any regular keyboard. It is not just compatible with your Mac but is also compatible with android and windows. It is a good keyboard even for gamers. It comes with a manual which helps with any query you might have.

Mac users: How to clean your Apple keyboard

5. Motospeed K40 USB 2.0 Wired Mechanical Keyboard – This is one of the most affordable keyboard that supports the ergonomic design. It is a full standard sized keyboard that has 102 keys. The keys are very well placed on the keyboard, enough spacing is there making typing a breeze. For people who play games using keyboard, this one is well suited all thanks to the ergonomic design, which makes certain combination key maneuver easier.

6. Adesso Tru-Form Media Ergonomic Keyboard – A very reasonably priced keyboard comes in a design where not just key placing but the entire keyboard adopts ergonomic design. It is made to accommodate slope of hand in the best possible way. You even get writ support. There are actually 150 keys on this keyboard. Many of which are shortcuts that you most frequently use. the palm rest is unbelievably great.

7. Logitech K350 Wireless Keyboard – Highly functional design. This keyboard is made keeping your hand comfort in mind. A beautifully designed keyboard which lets your fingers breathe and palms and wrist get adequate rest. Being a wireless keyboard, setting up with Mac is also easy and keeps the clutter away for maximum productivity. It also works on AA battery. Offers great and extended battery life.

8. Fellowes Microban Split Design Wired Keyboard – This is the best keyboard for anyone looking for hand support and germ protection. This affordable keyboard also has a microbial coating that keeps germs away. The split design of the keyboard places the keys in distance that is best suited for your hands. The palm rest is also superb. For people who need speed for typing, the 16 character buffer works wonders. Being a wired keyboard, you need to plug it in your Mac to start using this keyboard.

9. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 for Business -From the house of Microsoft, this amazing keyboard comes at a surprisingly cheaper price. This keyboard is very popular among Mac users who need a keyboard with ergonomic design. It has a split design that supports wrist and palm. The palm rest is actually cushioned and provides extra support. There is palm lift that sets your palm at the right angle. Being a wired keyboard, just plug it in and use according to your need.

10. Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue – Though this keyboard is certainly one more on the expensive side, but the ergonomic design surely stand out. If you need a long-lasting, durable keyboard that has the ergonomic design  and works very well with Mac, then this is the option you need to invest in. it does come in traditional layout so you need no time to adjust. The keys being highly responsive does not put pressure on your fingers. They are split in two sections joined by a wire. You can get the Mac version. This keyboard synchs in with three devices at the same time. And you can switch with a click of a button.

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Best Cheap Projectors Online

Where to get a Cheap Projector online?

A Startling Fact about Cheap Projector Uncovered

Not only can it be confusing, searching through each one of the different kinds of projectors but in addition, it can be very time-consuming. Good and best cheap projector is versatile, dependable and portable. They are mostly used for conferences, staging events and business presentations. There are many varieties of projectors based on its purpose and features. Getting a new projector is a costly investment for virtually any company, particularly for small enterprises that are only starting out. You would like a mini projector. The very first thing you have to get is an adequate projector.

Most Noticeable Cheap Projector

A variety of portable micro projectors are released throughout the last year and they’re becoming increasingly more commercial. The cost range is pretty low and inexpensive. It typically runs the same as the behind the neck models.

True, it might be, but it’s not a Mitsubishi lamp for the HC1500, it is probably a generic. There are lots of reasons why the exact lamp would be different rates. OEM Compatible replacement lamps are especially attractive to customers who understand they simply desire a lamp for a couple hours or people who do not understand how long they would have to use a projector. You can get projector bulbs at many high street stores but any residence movie buff will say the best method to purchase is by shopping online. Obviously, some projector bulbs might be specific to a certain model of projector, and so will be only appropriate for specified machines. When you observe how projector lamps are created, it’s simple to see the reason why they’re so dear.

Projectors are getting more advanced nowadays. This projector gives a 1080p resolution that provides a crisp watching experience. When you receive a projector make sure you pick up the highest quality connections which you can get for it. Additionally it is prudent to ensure that the projector will have all the most recent input sockets to fit your institution’s technology, as having incompatible technology will often end up being a substantial headache. After deciding on what sort of video projector is most appropriate for your requirements, there are different factors which you must consider in buying the optimal/optimally projector. In this instance, an ultra-portable projector is perfect for such purposes. Locating the perfect projector for your house cinema system is only a review away.

The Cheap Projector Trap

The purchase price is also something to consider $45 will provide you with a good alternative of merchandise, but it’s going to be far better research a couple of different types. In case the price tag is too fantastic to be true, then they’re probably fakes, so buyers beware! It is smaller than $300, which should appeal to many. So when searching for the optimal/optimally body composition scale it is likewise important you get them for the very best price. It’s a remarkable price tag, it’s an excellent dimensions, and it creates terrific prints. Therefore, the general price of the cartridge process is $150, but should you need only the black cartridge you might wind up spending just $110.

So How About Cheap Projector?

Whether you decide to purchase the Toshiba original or a dependable copy is all up to you. Laptops are a great machine. So obtaining a laptop for $100 isn’t necessarily a poor idea. Make certain you receive a laptop with a 12 in. screen or higher. Purchasing a $100 laptop is a great idea if you’re searching for something cheap that doesn’t need to have all of the bells and whistles. It is advisable to decide on a laptop that’s medium in proportion, so the display size isn’t compromised upon, while not being very heavy to carry around.

Things You Should Know About Cheap Projector

Inside this article you’ll find out more about the camera and ways to get the best price on yours. Refurbished cameras are available online in many locations. Purchasing the very best waterproof camera demands research and comparative analysis of the various models which are available in the marketplace. A good, cheap bridge camera may be the thing to do. Considering all the terrific features the VIXIA HF S100 camcorder is definitely one of the highest choices. In complete mode, the camera grants you the complete area of vision on the screen. In many cases, you can obtain a greater quality camera for a reduced price when they’re refurbished.

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samsung s10e review 2020

Samsung S10e Review

I would like to revisit a phone that I like, the Galaxy S10e. Not only because it recently received the
Android 10 update, but also because it’s my favourite phone of 2019. I’m sure you guys are familiar with the
phone already, so I’ll make this quick. In terms of design, I still think that it’s
a great looking phone with an almost bezel-less design, and premium build quality. I really love how it feels in my hand, and
my only minor complaint, is just that the power button is a little too high for my liking
and the extra AF Bixby button. In terms of hardware, I have the Exynos version
here, which isn’t as good as the Snapdragon version, but other than thermal performance,
I don’t really mind it. It still performs well enough for my needs. Anyway, it’s not like I play a lot of games
on the phone. Battery performance is still decent for me
too, and I’m still able to get a day of use out of the phone for my type of usage. Other than that, the S10e has most of the
bells and whistles from the S10 like wireless charging, IP68 rating, stereo speakers, and
whatnot. But the main reasons I still prefer the S10e
over the Note10, which is a close 2nd place for me, are the fingerprint sensor, flat display,
and to a smaller extent, the headphone jack. For me, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor
on the Note10 is a bit too finicky for my liking, and I like the reliability of the
capacitive sensor on the S10e. I also still prefer the look of a flat display
a bit more. Which is why I prefer the S10e over the regular
S10, and the Note10. The headphone jack for me is nice to have
as well because these days, I do use IEMs almost daily. While it’s not a huge hassle to use a dongle,
and the USB-C earbuds that Samsung has included for the Note10 actually sounds decent,
it’s nice to be able to just plug in other IEMs directly. So let’s move on to software, and talk about
the latest Android 10 or OneUI 2.0 update for the phone. For me, I just like that we now get a built-in
screen recorder like the Note10, we now get gestures navigation without the need to install
another app, and the new permissions management system which now gives the added option to
only allow location access while using the app. Other than those things, it’s a very familiar
looking UI. I think the animations are a bit smoother
too, but that’s not really a huge deal for me. Overall, it’s a nice update, and I haven’t
noticed any major bugs or increased battery drain. Personally, I used to prefer stock Android,
but these days I feel like it’s just a bit bare bones for my liking. So other than the Samsung services built into
OneUI, which I mostly just ignore, I actually do like what Samsung has done here. Anyway, in terms of camera performance, the
S10e is still able to take nice looking photos. It’s still not quite as good as the Pixel
4 of course, and it’s lacking a telephoto camera. But it does have an ultra wide angle camera
which is more fun to use, and along with night mode, it’s more useful than the one on the
iPhone 11. It’s able to capture nicer looking and higher
resolution videos compared to the Pixel 4 for both the front and rear cameras. So overall, I’m happy enough with the camera
experience I’m getting here. In the end, the S10e with its flagship level
hardware in a compact form factor is just a great combination for me. It’s also quite reasonably priced here in
Singapore, which is another thing that I like. So yeah, this is why the S10e is my favourite
phone of 2019, and why I can’t wait to see what Samsung has to offer this year.

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chinese tablets 2020

Best Chinese Tablets under $100 from Aliexpress

Looking for the most affordable Chinese tablets in the market? Well, you’re in the right place! Everything that you will look for is on AliExpress. We have thousands of great products in all product categories. And since you want to find the latest, most convenient, and cheapest technology possible, you will surely find it here on AliExpress.

Full review: Best Chinese Tablets

Technology is a trend, thus several products are now being produced globally to compete with the tasks that we need to accomplish on a daily basis, and tablet is just one of these. There are a lot of varieties to choose from when it comes to finding the right tablet, however, aside from its specs and feature; consumers may also consider the prices.

Here are the top 5 Chinese tablets that will definitely catch your attention:

1.)S116 Tablet 1920*1200 MT6797 6G 64GB 128GB Deca Core Dual SIM Call Phone WIFI GPS Glass Screen 10.1 Inch Tablets PC Android 9.0

This is BOBARRY S116 Tablet MTK MT6797 Deca Core, ARM Cortex A7@ 1.3-2.0GHz; 6G Bytes LPDDR3: Built-in 128G Bytes NAND Flash storage: 10.1 inch 2.5D IPS HD 1920*1200 Resolution. Dual SIM, Dual Camera, back 8.0Mp camera. Supports Google play store Operation System Android 9.0 Screen 10.1 inch 5 Point 2.5D IPS Capacitive Touch Screen Resolution 1920*1200 Pixel CPU MT6797 Deca Core RAM 6GB Nand Flash 64GB/128GB Webcam Front 2.0MP, Rear 8.0MP Cameras Wireless Wifi 802.11 b/g 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 3G WCDMA 2100 MHz GPS Yes, A-GPS Bluetooth Yes 4G Optional, FDD LTE Power Battery 6000mAh Li-ion Battery Working Time Video 5-7 Hours Power Device Adapter Input 100-240V 50/60Hz Output 5V-2A. Available colors are Black, Gold, Silver, Blue. Price ranges from US $88.00 – 123.20.

2.)Teclast P80X 4G Tablet Android 9.0 Netbook Phablet Tablets 8 inch 1280 x 800 SC9863A Octa Core 2GB RAM 32GB ROM GPS Dual Camera

Teclast P80X 4G is the new device of Teclast launched in the month of July 2019 which is now available in the market. The dimension of the tablet is 205 x 121 x 5.8 mm and it weighs 400 grams with battery. The tablet comes in 8.0-inch IPS screen size which has a sharp resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels which comes with a front camera of 0.31 megapixels and 2 megapixels on the rear side. The tablet runs on the operating system Android 9.0 Pie. Teclast P80X 4G is packed with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage. The device allows you to expand the memory by microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC memory card. The expanded memory helps to get a better user experience as you can store more photos, games, and videos at the same time. The big battery capacity of 4500 mAh, Li-Polymer helps you to use the tablet for work or gaming purposes for a long time at a stretch. The body of the tablet is made out of plastic which makes it light in weight. The tablet comes in a single color, Gray. Price may range from US $82.87 – 92.87

3.)Tablets 6GB 128GB Android 9.0 Tablet 10.1 inch IPS Super Tempered Glass Phone Call 3G 4G Tablet Octa Core Dual SIM Card WiFi GPS

Another model from Bobarry, that has MTK8752 Octa-Core, ARM Cortex A7@ 1.3-2.0GHz; 6G Bytes LPDDR3: Built-in 128GB Bytes NAND Flash storage 4: 10.1 inch 2.5D IPS HD 1920*1200 Resolution. It supports Dual SIM, Dual Camera, back 8.0Mp camera. Also supports Google play store Operation System Android 9.0 Screen 10.1 inch 5 Point 2.5D IPS Capacitive Touch Screen Resolution 1920*1200 Pixel CPU MT8752 Octa Core RAM 6GB Nand Flash 128GB/32GB Webcam Front 2.0MP, Rear 8.0MP Cameras Wireless Wifi 802.11 b/g 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 3G WCDMA 2100 MHz GPS Yes, A-GPS Bluetooth Yes 4G Optional, FDD LTE Power Battery 5500mAh Li-ion Battery Working Time Video 5-7 Hours Power Device Adapter Input 100-240V 50/60Hz output 5V-2A. Colors available are Black, Gold, Silver, Blue. Prices may range from US $83.64 – 114.24.

4.)ALLDOCUBE Freer X7 10.1 Inch Tablet 1920 x 1200 Android 6.0 MT8783 Octa Core 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 4G LTE Tablet

Next on our list is ALLDOCUBE Freer X7 10.1 Inch Tablet. It has MTK MT8783V-CT Octa-core 4G 64-bit 1.5GHz, Android 6.0 operating system and 3GB RAM 32GB ROM storage. Dual camera features, 5.0MP (front); 13MP (back). The latest innovation includes the Fingerprint unlocking system that adds up to its security feature. Price may be around US $99.99.

5.)ANRY 10 inch Octa Core 2019 Original Powerful Android 7.0 Tablet Pc 64G ROM Phone Call Tablet With Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

Last but not the least is ANRY 10 inch Octa Core 2019. The version android 7.0 system is better and stable than other versions. It supports millions of software and games that you can download from the app. With its Long Time Battery Life5000mAh Li-ion, playing time can be up to 3-5 hours, enjoy millions of movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, Android apps, and games–including Netflix, Facebook,VK. and more.Perfect gift !Fun studying for kids. Support 3G/4G Phone Call And Dual SIM Card Slot.

5.0 MP rear-facing camera for taking photos or shooting video,The front-facing 2.0 MP camera is perfect for Skype calls with friends and family. Anry android tablet 10 inch comes with dual SIM card slots, make phone call and surf the Internet easily. Compatible 2 pieces SIM cards standby at the same time, fit for standard Size.

Tablet has aluminium alloy rear cover, Micro SD card slot allows adding up to 32GB of extra space to store songs, videos, photos and other files. Use OTG cable connect to other devices, such as keyboard, mouse, speaker etc.

Colors available are black, gold and silver. Price ranges from US $82.37 – 124.54.

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